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How To: Create A Facebook Business Page

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

1. Login to your Facebook Personal Profile

2. Visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/creation/

3. Select Either ‘Business or Brand’ or ‘Community or Public Figure’:

4. Enter your desired ‘Page Name’ (this should be the name of your organisation):

5. Enter a ‘Category’ that best describes your organisation.

6. If prompted, enter any additional information such as the Address or Phone Number for your organisation. Please note: You can select to keep this information hidden by selecting the tick-box beneath.

7. Select ‘Continue’.

8. Upload a Profile Picture: Please note: The optimum size for a Facebook Profile Picture is 800 x 800px (display size 170 x 170px)

9. Upload a Cover Photo: Please note: The optimum size for a Facebook Cover Photo is 820 x 312px

10. Once you’ve uploaded a Cover Photo, you will now be re-directed to your Facebook Business Page. Your Facebook Business Page should look similar to the following:

11. The next step is to ‘Invite Your Friends’ to like the page. These suggested ‘friends’ are being obtained from the connections you have made via your personal account.

To invite them to ‘Like’ your new Business Page, simply select the ‘Invite’ button next to their names:

12. From the left-hand menu, select ‘About’:

13. Here you will be able to fill in all your organisation’s important information.

  • UsernameSelect ‘Create Page @Username’ to add a unique handle for your Business Page. This will help your audience members find your page in the search bar and can also help our audience members and other businesses ‘tag’ your page.

  • Start Date – If you know it, enter the Start Date of your Organisation. This can also be the same as the Founding Date. This helps add a little history to your background story.

  • Mission – What is the purpose of your organisation? What are its aims and goals? This is where you can tell your audience all about what your organisation strives to achieve and how it has been doing so.

  • Phone Number, Email, Website, Other Social Media AccountsHere you can add your contact details such as a phone number, email address, website, and even a physical address if your business has one. You can also add the handles for any other Social Media profiles your organisation might have, such as for Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

  • About Info ­– Here you can write all about your Organisation. Try to include as much information as possible about its background and what it aims to achieve.

  • Awards, Founding Date, Impressum – If your organisation has won any awards, this is the perfect place to mention them. You can also add a Founding Date and an Impressum should you desire. 14. On the right-hand side of the ‘About’ section you will notice an ‘Our Story’ section. This will display on the homepage of your Facebook Business Page as is a great place to detail a little more about what your business is and what it aims to achieve.

By selecting ‘+ Tell people about your business’, you can add a cover photo and text. Once finish, select ‘Publish’.

These are the basic steps to completing and populating your newly created Business Page. You have added a Profile Picture, a Cover Photo, a Username, and included all the important Business Information.

Pages will be automatically ‘Published’ and made visible to the public. To unpublish your page, or to delete it any time, simply enter the ‘Settings’ tab of the desired Page, and select either ‘Unpublish’ or ‘Delete Page’.

To access your newly created page from your personal profile, simply select the downwards arrow, from the top blue navigation menu, and select your desired page:


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