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5 Ways To Help Optimise Your Posts

If, like many businesses and start-up companies, you’re struggling to break through and crack the social scene, then here at Lighthouse we’ve compiled a handy Top 5 guide to help you on your way to successful posting.

No matter whether you’re tech savvy or down-right confuddled when it comes to Social Media, it’s important to remember that branding is everything. With that in mind, here at our Top 5 Tips:

1. Hyperlinks and Hashtags

Once something that predominately belonged on Instagram, hashtags are a great way to address wider and topic-specific audiences. Suitable for adding to both Facebook and Twitter posts, hashtags are designed to draw in audience members that perhaps weren’t acquainted with your site, but are still interested in the topic you’re addressing. Think of it as an exchange – they get to learn about the topic you’re discussing, whilst you in-turn may gain new followers.

Similarly, hyperlinks act as easy ways for your target audience to access different parts of your site. If you’re advertising a new line of clothing on your Facebook site, then why not add a direct link to the product in the post? What’s more, Instagram’s new Shoppable Product Tags are a great way to advertise a direct click-through without have to spend time wording it out.

2. Posting Times

Finding that sometimes your posts get more likes and views on certain days compared to others? That’s probably because you’re not posting at the optimum times.

According to studies, the best days to post on Facebook are (shock horror) Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – with both Saturday and Sunday boasting 32% more engagement. What’s more, the best times to post on Facebook are 9am, 1pm, and 3pm.

For Twitter, the best day to post is Wednesday, with B2B performance being 16% better during business hours, and B2C being 17% better during the weekends. Similar to Facebook, the best times to post are 12pm, 3pm, 5pm and 6pm.

Instagram mad? Then Mondays and Thursdays are your best bet when it comes to posting. Being a largely global social media, the best times to post (or schedule posts for) are 2am, 8-9am, and 5pm.

Want to know something that’ll help make scheduling your posts that little bit easier? Why not take advantage of the built-in ‘Insight Tools’ provided with any Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Account. Here you’ll be able to find super helpful information regarding your audience and their interaction habits with your posts.

3. Move Away From Personalisation

A top tip to ensuring your brand maintains its digital persona is to move away from personalisation. If you’re able to reduce and minimalize the personal content on your channel you’re sure to notice a difference. Although your loyal customers might love seeing your daily snap’s of Mavis the Cat on Instagram, these sort of posts should be saved for personal feeds (unless of course, Mavis is a super-star and the bread and butter behind your company).

A great way to ensure your posts are varied and plentiful is to make use of video and multi-media content. Why not try piecing together a 5-10 second clip once a week that offers a ‘Top Tip’ or motivational message. Creating an aspect of variety in your posting schedule will no doubt liven up any feed. What’s more, why not make use of Instagram’s Story Feature or even Instagram TV. Be prepared to stay on-trend!

4. Tagging and Sharing Content

Social Media is all about opening up that bi-directional channel of communication! What better way to gain respect, followers, and even increased interaction than by tagging and sharing content. Showing that you have a genuine interest in your followers, customers, or local community, will no doubt impress your followers. Simple reposts, acknowledgment of comments, and even shout-outs are a great and super-simple way to address any community, no matter whether local or digital.

5. Scheduling Software

If like many, you’re struggling to balance all your day-to-day business tasks as well as Social Media content, then why not try out a Scheduling Software. Relatively easy and simple to use, companies such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social are designed to help you plan ahead with ease. Allowing you to upload content into a online diary that offers the ability for users to choose the date, time, and platform they wish the post to be uploaded on, this super-handy tool is great for on-the-go businesses. Uploading itself, and easily amended both before and after it’s made live, this option is guaranteed to free up a load of time that can be spent on other day-to-day tasks.


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