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What Are The Most Popular Social Sites In 2018?

Social media and social networking sites are designed to develop over time. Evolving to cater to the developing needs of their audience; listed in no particular order, here are our Top sites of 2018.

1. Instagram

You’ve heard the saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ right? If so, then you’ll understand why Instagram is perhaps one of the most popular social media platforms to date.

Allowing users, whether personal or corporate, to share quirky snaps and motivational sentiments with thousands of readily awaiting audience members, Instagram really has paved the way for content distribution. Streaming content in seconds, there really is no waiting around when it comes to Instagram.

What’s more, through the simple incorporation of hashtags, and now the product tagging feature, users can directly target a specific audience without delving too deep into unnecessary metrics.

2. Snapchat

The home of the 60-second video snippet, Snapchat is a fun and lively platform for those looking to share exerts of their daily routine in style. Great for friends, celebs, and even small businesses looking to address a more contemporary market, Snapchat is a quirky way to keep in contact.

With direct messaging capability as well as “story mode”, there are plenty of options available for those that prefer to use video and audio over text.

3. Facebook

Did you know that on average, Smart Phone users check their Facebook account 14 times a day! Now that’s dedication. Created in 2004, this highly popular Social Networking site is perhaps the most popular place to share memories, photos, memes, and messages with friends and loved ones. A great place too for Businesses to reach new clients and existing customers, Facebook is designed with it’s users in mind.

Focused predominately around the notion of ‘staying connected’, Facebook is a desirable application for its users all over the world. All you need is a mobile device and connection to the internet to be able to chat-away and share content with whoever, whenever.

4. Twitter

Gracing itself on its iconic 140-character limit, Twitter is a readily accessed platform for those looking to share their thoughts (whether positive or negative) with their devoted followers. Inspiring users to be creative but also mindful with their content, this Social Networking Service is a definite firm-favourite with social butterflies.

Staying true to its main function, Twitter was almost called ‘Friendstalker’ – how apt! With over 700 million active accounts, Twitter is a great place to share news, snippets of your life, and even important updates with friends, family, and even business acquaintances.

5. WhatsApp

A cross-platform messaging service, WhatsApp is designed to help you stay connect to those that matter with ease. A popular alternative to SMS, staying in contact, sharing photos, and even delivering voice messages has never been more functional.

Although not a profile-driven application like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, WhatsApp purely fulfils the notion of being ‘social’ through its pledge to help you stay connected no matter where in the world you are. All you need is a mobile device and stable internet connect to receive and send messages, or even distribute media.

6. YouTube

With the rise in popularity of vlogging, live gaming, and even music distribution, YouTube is often crowned king of the castle. A great place for viewers and streamers to connect on a digital level, the possibilities of YouTube are essentially endless. No matter whether you’re looking for the latest music video, product review, or game release, YouTube has everyone’s needs catered for. Even for Businesses, YouTube is the perfect platform to address existing clients and even distribute engaging content for potential customers. All you need is an account and an interest and you’re good to go!


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