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5 Handy Tactics For Smashing Social Media

When it comes to managing and maintaining your brand through Social Media, it's important to ensure you stay connected. Here are some Top Tips to help you stand out online:

1. Direct Messaging

Sending direct messages to your followers, whether to show a little appreciation or to reply to a message request, is a great way to help them feel a little more connected to your brand. Why not try DM-ing your followers to inform them of upcoming events, product promotions, or special discount codes!

Lighthouse Online Content Social Media

2. User-Generated Content (USG)

Provided you have the consent from the owner of the content, USG is pretty much a free form of brand advertising - so why not use it! Designed to help you gain exposure and increase brand awareness, user-generated content is often a great method to help encourage other followers to tag or review your products too!

3. Social Listening

If you're not paying attention to what your followers (or other brands) are saying or commenting about your business then you're potentially missing out on a lot of useful information. By checking on your hashtags, mentions, and replies there's plenty of wriggle room to weave that data into a successful strategy. (It's worth noting that there are plenty of Social Media Monitoring Tools available to help you keep on top of such interactions)

Lighthouse Online Content Social Media

4. Live Videos/Streams

By posting authentic, relevant, informative or engaging Live Videos (also known as Streams) is a great way to step-up your creative content game. Live Videos have taken-over regular video uploads spectacularly over the past few years making it a fun, friendly, and on-trend method of interacting with your audience.

5. Ephemeral Content (Stories)

No longer present on just Snapchat, 24-hr long videos (also known as Stories) are now features that can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. A great way to showcase something special, give an insight into the day-to-day workings of your business, provide shout-outs and mentions, or simply to maintain your brand's presence online, stories are sure to be seen by your followers!


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