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Our Tips For Keeping Your Customers Engaged

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

When it comes to keeping your target audience engaged, it can often seem like a losing battle - however, keeping your customers engaged for longer is the key to a successful marketing campaign, no matter your end goal. With statistics, according to Help Scout, showing that 'after just one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again' - it's extremely important to remember that engagement should be something maintained throughout the WHOLE of your customer's business journey, no just the purchasing or enticement stages. Here are a handful of Top Tips that we think any Business could benefit from:

1. Send Your Customers and Audience Members Regular Updates

By keeping your Customers and Audience Members updated with all the latest Business News, New Project Ideas, and even exciting Milestones, you're inviting them to see a little bit more about your business - think of it as a little behind the scenes snippet (who doesn't love a little VIP access right?). Designed to help your Customers feel valued and important, keeping them updated is a great step towards achieving that #CustomerFirst ethos.

2. Respond To and Recognised Your Customers

Nobody likes to be ghosted! Make sure you're adequately set-up to respond to all Customer Enquiries in an effective and efficient manner. If you haven't got the time or the ability to host a Team that's dedicated to Customer Service, then why not set up a simple quick-reply automation on your Enquiries email or make use of the automation settings on Facebook Messenger! Even if there's no-one at that given time to reply to an enquiry, at least your Customer's are being acknowledged for their engagement.

Ensuring each response is personalised (either by using their given Name or Order Details), it shows that as a Business you are aware of the individuality that surrounds each and every Customer - they're not just a number, but a name remember! A name that has feelings...

3. Introduce Your Customers To Social Media

If you have a Customer Base that you think might not already be following your Business on Social Media, then why not send them an invite to do so? It's a great way to help them stay connected to your Business after they've purchased or engaged with your brand. Social Media is, as mentioned above, a great place to share important Business Updates and Changes - and who better to share that with than with the people that have actually been a part of your Businesses journey to success!

4. Create Informative Yet Entertaining Content

Did you know that according to Marketing Profs, the most annoying things about content from brands include 'content that is too wordy/poorly written', 'content without video or images', and even 'content that is too personalised to the point of being creepy'.

Note To Business Owners: Avoid Posts Like These.

Content needs to be Relevant, Reactive, and Realistic. Anything with too many words will just drown out your message, anything with too much information at a given time will just swamp your Customers, and anything that's totally irrelevant will just throw your Business objectives and Brand Persona off track.

5. Take A Genuine Interest

Tying neatly into Tip 2, taking a genuine interest in your Audience is something that lies at the heart of #CustomerService and #CustomerCare. Whether this stems as part of analysing your Content to see What Worked Well, Who's Looking at Your Content, or When They're Doing So (as part of optimising your content to suit the proven patterns of your audience), or whether you're creating and distributing Polls, Questionnaires, Surveys, and Informative Posts, to help your Business cater to your Audience's every changing needs and desires, taking a heart-felt interest in those fuelling your Business never really hurt anyone - in fact, it'll just help you build a stronger relationship with your clients!


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