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Why Testimonials and Reviews Are Powerful Assets To Any Marketing Strategy.

No matter whether you're selling products or selling services, here at Lighthouse we believe that any content strategy is immediately strengthened via the inclusion of testimonials and reviews - after all during 2017, according to Bryan Caplan Marketing, 97% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision! What's more, according to research by Nielson, 92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer, and 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know - those are some crazy statistics that show just how impactful on-site reviews and testimonials can be to potential clients and customers.

If you're keen to start sharing some reviews of your services or even reviews of much-loved products, then here are 3 quick and easy tips on how to complement your existing content strategy:

1. Reaching Out

If you don't already have a substantial number of reviews and testimonials to set you on your way, or are simply looking for a way to acquire more, then reaching out via Social Media or via specially crafted Email Campaigns is a great route to take. If you're a business that sells products, then why not follow-up with customers via email that have made a purchase from you in the last month. This way your service and their purchased product will still be at the top of their mind and they're more likely to leave you an honest review. Don't be afraid to receive reviews that aren't as positive as you hoped or are in regards to shipping, communication, or packaging - it's great and perhaps just as equally as important to have reviews that cover all aspects of your business.

Most Email Marketing Services and Automation tools feature pre-set functions and 'drip' campaigns to help you automatically contact clients from a certain time frame or of a certain demographic.

2. Blogging

Although not considered a primary example of a client review - blogs are another great way to help build that solid foundation of trust with your client base. Acting in a similar way that an obvious review of a product would, blogs show that your business is genuine and has a genuine passion for the sector that they operate in. Think of it this way - if you landed on a page with a highly informative blog, you've then trusted that source and are likely to visit them again as a form of 'purchase' - you're converting just like a physical customer would.

If you're looking to blend both client reviews with blog content, then why not think about Guest Blogging. If your brand works with Influencers or Affiliates, why not reach out to them and see if they'd like to collaborate on a Blog Post with you. It could be a simply Q+A style format or they could even write about how they came to love your brand etc - the possibilities really are endless!

3. repost tagging

If you're after a quick and simple way to share already 'tagged' content, then there an array of easy-to-use repost tools available to download. 'Tagged' content is also considered a review in our books - it helps show to other potential Customers or Clients that your service is legitimate and that the products they're receiving are worth shouting about.

Great for Businesses and Brands that utilise Instagram, applications such as Repost For Instagram and Reposta are designed to help you share user content with ease. Copying across their handle, original post data, and their chosen hashtags - these applications are a great way to quick share posts from your clients.


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