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Caught Out! Exposing Those Social Media Myths of 2019

As with any new technology or rise in popularity of a new platform, social media has grown and developed its own fair share of myths and misconceptions. If you're new to Social Media and have heard a couple things about why it might not be a great place to market your business, then be sure to check out our top de-bunking tips:

1. Brands Have More Influence than Individuals

Interestingly, according to Medium.com, 70% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers in buying decisions, and 30% consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger than that of a celebrity blogger!

With a sharp rise in YouTube Bloggers, Social Influencers, and even Brand Ambassadors taking over all Social Media platforms, it's become more common for customers to be referred to your business (and your products) via someone else that they either follow or have interacted with, than via direct interaction with your brand. Back in the day, when Social Media wasn't as popular and didn't have quite so may users (and the Advertisement rules weren't exactly set in stone), the statement that 'Brands Have More Influence' would have been deemed pretty truthful - nowadays, not so much!

2. Facebook Profiles are the same as Facebook Pages

Wrong! If you're a Business or an Organisation that is using Facebook to promote your services, then you should be doing so through a Business Page - after all, 'Using a personal profile to bypass business guidelines could result in the termination of your account'. Facebook Pages are quick and simple to set-up, and although they don't have the 'Friends' functionality that a Profile has, they're much better equipped to help you market your business. There's functions to help marketing your Services, ways to promote Deals and Offers, and even aspects to help showcase much-loved Reviews. Having a Facebook Page is less restrictive than a Profile - you'll be able to reach a wider audience than that of your Friendship group and it also helps set your business aside professionally. What's more - don't forget about Facebook Groups! These can be either Open or Closed and are a great place for clients to chat amongst themselves or for your brand to post important News and Updates within.

3. Stick To Posting Content in The Morning - After All It's 11am somewhere, right?

When it comes to scheduling your content, it's important to consider the times that you want to post at. Although you may assume that more people will see your content in the morning, it's worth taking a quick dive into your Insights Tools to see exactly not just Who's looking and When, but also Where From!

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have quick and easy-to-use insight tools that make it simple to see exactly Who's looking at your content and When. You might be surprised to learn that Facebook has different viewing times to Instagram, or that the vast majority of people looking and engaging with your content aren't actually as local as you thought!

4. If I Engage With Customer's On Social Media, I'll Just Get Negative Comments

Treat your Social Media Profiles as Digital Shop Fronts! There's not harm in engaging with your Followers and Friends - this in fact will help boost Trust, Credibility, and even Customer Service.

If you're not too sure on what to reply, then keep it short and simple - even if it's just a 'like' on their comment, or a note to say 'thanks for your comment!', it shows that you're actually taking note of their willingness to engage with your brand.

What's more, if you do find yourself it hot water, then why not send them a private message if you don't want your reply to be public! A Top Tip from us would be to always acknowledge a comment or a mention, even if it is negative - it shows that your are legit and willing to engage.

5. My Clients Aren't On Social Media

Realistically, you'd probably be surprised to learn that they most likely already are! With 2.48 Billion Users recorded in 2017 and an estimated 3.09 Billion Users by 2021, according to Statista, we'd be highly surprised if your client base or someone within an client's close network of contacts, wasn't already on at least 1 Social Media Platform!

Words spread, it's a fact of life, and this is no different to Social Media. Say for example you're a Stair Lift Company who's Buyer Persona and Target Audience are those aged over 60 and are in need of assistance when climbing the stairs. The first conclusion would be that 'not many people over 60 are likely to be on Social Media' - although that may not be entirely incorrect, it's important to consider the fact that their care-givers, children, grandchildren, neighbours, or close friends might be!

By advertising your business on Social Media you're opening yourself up to a *in effect* free market. You're cloning your Physical Business Presence and putting it online - think of it as killing two birds with one stone!


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